Looking for Vietnam era M16A1 SWEPs or SWEP models.

I have a friend who is coding SWEPs for a server I administrate. We want to add this weapon to the list, but I’ve had no luck finding a Vietnam era M16 like this one on Gmod.

Can anyone help me find such a SWEP or at least the model for it? Alternatively, would someone be so kind as to port something? Easier said than done, I know, but I may as well ask.

Hexing/decompiling for Gmod shouldn’t be too hard, but you should credit the original authors if you use it (if you can’t contact them to actually ask for permission).

Good news: It’s perfect.

Bad news: GameBanana is being a butt and won’t let me register. The activation email isn’t sending, and I’ve checked my spam box. -_- Sigh. Either way, thank you for this link.

If all goes well I’ll find someone to re-rig it for Gmod, but if anyone else here wants to give it a crack be my guest.