Looking for voice actors

Me and Willerin are looking for voice actors in our upcoming machinima Soarin’ Over Garrysmod.
A little bit about SOG:
“Soarin’ Over Garrysmod was a community machinima until the creator decided to give up and go on other projects (Walt Garry World map). Now the original creator (me) has free time again, and decided to team up with Willerin to create Soarin Over Garrysmod once again. Prepare to fly through GMod’s most beautiful and famous maps and an incredible finale. Now flying!”

  • Flight Crew
    Anyone can apply, you’ll be random people on the pre-show video talking
    If you want to apply, PM me your voice application while reading this:
    Soarin to Tower, do you read?
    Tower, give us the go for the launch.
    Soarin to Spaceship Earth, give us the Tomorrow’s Child.
    (singing) One Little Spark, of inspiration… (example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUntd4pAb4E)

Thanks for your attention and have a good day! :smiley:

Hello zuimzado,

What is the story line behind the crew and what are some character descriptions?

It’s a simple voice-over task if I am to believe from the previous thread, there are no characters so to speak, it’s just you acting as flight crew like as possible. No drama, no nothing, just talky talky. Fairly simple piece really. Pretend you’re a plane pilot/ air traffic controller.

Well, the story line behind the crew would be: “You joined a company called Soarin’ that provides daily flights to different maps on GMod. This is the first time the company is doing a public flight, so you need to be 100% perfect or else you would be FIRED.”

You’ll also get a random Disney Parks tune as a reward :smiley:

Hey, I’ll use my announcer voice. Lemme record.

Great, PM it to me!

So, did you get your voice actors?

I can do high pitch voices for hentai scenes if you need… Or something else.

Still no.

Sorry, I listened, and then I was like “Poop. This doesn’t sound that good.”

So, you gave up?

Oh, and Audacity Borked up. I’ll try again for you soon. You MIGHT get something.

I’d like to do some.


Usually a lot of people ‘jump in’ for these things.
I’ll consider it. Also if you need anything other than voice actors that you just can’t find or be bothered with, let me know in a PM.

Ok, I’ll contact you.

Thanks, PM me those.

Also, you can check one of the pre-show videos that were made by Willerin:

Any updates?

I think we found an actor for the flight commander, but for the rest of the crew, no.

Could you give a little more detail on what the crew do? Also, for the flight commander if he drops out I am happy to replace if you need.

I would like to help… Just went through puberty so my voice got a bit lower. :smiley:

meh, ill do it, gimme a sec and ill whip up a few lines…

EDIT: well shit, i have a major lisp. but otherwise it sounds fine