Looking for Voice chat display mod that works only in single player.

I’m looking for a mod or addon for Gmod that will make it so when I use my push to talk key. It displays an icon above my head when I’m talking. I’d like to use this in single player only. Can anyone point me in the right direction or gimme some advice please.

Here is an example of it in action


but Instead of that icon I’d like to use the l4d icon.

Wait, why just in single player? That kinda ruins the whole point of it

Well are you trying to customise it? One already exists, how often do you look at a player talk in multi-player.

Reason for single player is I’d like to make videos with it.

Yeah I wanna customize it. So I can use different icons from other games.

I would like to use this one from left 4 dead


and I would like the option to compile/make my own sprites or icons.

To answer your question I look at the player talk icon very often. But I want it in single player too.

Sorry to double post.

But would it help if I offered money?