Looking for vps / host

I need vps or host that can handle 12 or 10 people without any lags and for like 5 - 10$ amonth.

I have a vps dedicated server from godaddy.com give them a try :wink:

Nah it’s dam high price i said like for 10 -5$

  • i need it for only 1 server with 10 - 12 players so…

$5 - $10 is probably too low a budget for any kind of hosting though.

Well is there any host ? no vps…

FanaticalVPS has a VPS there for $10. I don’t know of any others that low though. $10 is a tiny budget…

with $10 you’d be better going with a host such as www.xenonservers.com

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it’s either a vps or a dedicated server how can it be both


We are currently out of stock on this item so orders for it have been suspended until more stock is available. For furthur information, please contact us.

They out of stock lol

xenon is $20 actually but its good

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www.ukgame.com is really cheap but shitty


is good host?

UKGame = threaten people with legal action for publicly disagreeing/arguing with them.

I’d say so.