Looking for WW2RP Coder (Advanced)


I have made a World War 2 Roleplay server and I have some things I would like to add in it. But I do not know much LUA coding but I am good at improvising. Can someone please help me out with this:

Leveling System:
Have jobs unlock after a certain exp is reached.
Have entites unlock after a certain exp is reached.

I need a bar that is at the top of your screen that shows your:
Roleplay Name
Level in server ( I have a exp level list)
Current EXP/Max EXP

And if possible sql management?
I am not sure…I know DarkRP has a SQL file which I have linked to my sql with modules but no tables are showing up. I don’t know if I did somthing wrong if It doesnt work or what but this is driving me crazy -_-.
I mean…Its connecting fine…It even says it in the console but yer…

Some yea…Can someone help…I pay maybeh…

No one will help you without getting something in return.

I said I’ll pay…

No, you said you would MAYBE pay.

How much will you pay?
It it’s more than $20 add me on steam.

Added. I am XioTiC

I can do it for free if there is a retern on the server.