looking good server for people who don't want to log on every day?

So I’m thinking probably something with no decay, no sleepers and low population, are there any reputable servers like that?

If it has low population, it probably isn’t reputable with all those modifications

the admin can cap the numbers

Maybe I’ve got something for you.
On this server “[FR] Le p’tit shelter dans la prairie CASUAL/PvP” The playing time is limited to 35 hours per week.
It’s low population and you have a wonderfull website-app interacting with the game --> http://toorisk.fr/leveling
The population is fluctuent at this moment it’s quite low. We have more or less 20 players/per day.
Sleepers are on and decay is slow.

This server is by casual gamers for casual gamers.

Thanks. I don’t understand what this forbids: " Pub interdite !"

Pub interdite ! --> Advertising is forbidden
Server rules are :

  1. this is a casual server
  2. this server is PVP
  3. avoid building next to map-building
  4. It’s forbidden to build inside map-building in order to block loot cases
  5. During events raids are not welcome
  6. Advertising is forbidden
    Players rules are :
  7. Cheating will result in a BAN
  8. do not flood the chat
  9. stay calm this is a game

Thanks , but I can read French. Might give it a try, but I think I am taking a break from Rust for a while.


look us up… (LAG) Local Adelaide Gamers. I think its under the modded server tab. not sure how your ping will be as we are based in Australia. (steam id Oblivion_au )

PvP, decay off, sleepers on.
most are fairly friendly players but we do have a few PvP + Raiders kickin’ around too which always makes things interesting. its not a heavily populated server but it does have its busy moments.

Just curious, why did you decide to leave sleepers on?

its not really a vicious, ruthless server packed with murdering, pillaging clan’s.

besides, sleepers is a critical part of the whole “nowhere is safe” aspect of the game.

See, I am ambivalent about that. On one hand it’s addictive, on the other, I’d like to be able to fully leave the game’s world when I log off, because gathering stuff takes so much time :slight_smile:

I understand, why don’t you login now while im online, see what you think. I doubt you’ll have a problem unless you sleep out in the open in obvious spots