Looking/PAYING for someone to port/covert MMD models to GMOD

ADVANCE WARNING…these models are female so i’m prepared for the “Y uo won femll modles?” comments

here’s the deal…there are 2 MMD models I’m after being Converted to GMOD…is there anyone here who would be interested in converting them?

i’m ONLY after the body…since i can headhacl other heads onto the body…so you wouldn’t need to do extra work doing eye pose and face poses

if anyone is intrested reply/send a PM and i’ll link the model/s i’d like converted (they are semi Risque) and we can discuss prices

sure ill pm you

anyone else willing to help?..i ask that you already know how to port MMD models…as Vasey had a look but the files were a bit befuddling to them and had the abandon the project

post it

edit: or is it from booru, then dont

check yer DA notes matey the NJote that says "Wondering if you would be inteested in some MMD model ports? is one i sent ye a week or so ago

i dont really read them

should just post the link (without pictures), 95% of people dont know what to do with it anyway

the models are risque though and one has a bare body under the outfit/costume…i’ll PM you the detiails just to be safe

EDIT- cant PM you as the option is gone…you got a steam name you can PM me so discussions can happen?

For someone to see it, they need to willingly click on it (even after you have put a disclaimer), download it, have a 3d program installed, have the importer for the 3d program, and know how to use the 3d program, and manually alter mesh data to see the “goods”

There are already 50 times more safeguards there than putting an NSFW tag on the thread and a picture

If the model is wearing clothes on top, how is it different than a “dude with a gun”.

Its not like that thread with the picture of a hippo-monstrosity. You are just posting some 3d model data for analysis and discussion.

Edit: just to add something regarding your request: MMD conversion to GMOD, almost ALWAYS requires the head to be separately split and reattached anyway. Unless the model is really old, MMD models tend to stretch GMOD’s resource limits to the max. So as for your request of having a model go “headless”, it pretty much already happens by default during the process, unless u were trying to convert a pre-2009-ish MMD

The reason we tend to just use the “head that came with it” anyway, is to maintain the author’s original model “integrity” (part of mundane MMD rules), and because other heads are not guaranteed to match the base neck without modifications (costs time)