Looking to commission a 3D artist for Garry's Mod world & viewmodel - small job. :)

Hey guys!

My community has recently released the beta of our newest gamemode, Cinema.

We’re in need of certain models to be used as “weapons” by the players, so we’d need the viewmodel and the worldmodel. Notably, a popcorn box and a soda carton glass. I’ve done some light 3D work in the past but nothing major and know little to nothing about how to export/produce viewmodels or worldmodels for Garry’s Mod. The only “complexity” I can imagine is the viewmodel’s hands, but even then, I’m sure you can use some premade HL2 hands - I’m okay with that. No animations needed besides holding the item. Hell, honestly, you can even scrap the hands if you want to. So long as you can sorta see the item in front of you/the top of it peeking at the bottom of your screen, I’m okay with that too.

I am unable to provide you with any 3D art nor textures, except for our logo and reference images of what I’m looking for.

If you’re up for this for a reasonable price, let me know. By reasonable price, I’m willing to pay $30 and the fuzzy feeling that your work is being used by lots of players in a highly populated server. It doesn’t need to be highly detailed or polished. This is a 2-3 hours job for anyone with the experience I think.


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P.S: If someone is interested in this but $30 is definitely not enough for them, let me know in any case. If I can’t find anyone willing to do it for that price, I might force myself to raise my budget for this.