Looking to help a new server!!!

If anyone needs a developer for their garry’s mod server to fix their groups and permissions please contact me on the following steam account

(Its free :P)

So all you can do is fix groups and permissions?
How does that make you a developer? Or can you actually make something?

You can’t call yourself a “developer” if you can’t do anything besides messing with groups and permissions…

> Every twelve year old kid ever

I can convert your fonts over to font tables. $15/min

I can sing, and dance. I can also setup a whole building network with a DMZ, Firewall, Active Directory and Proxy in 3 hours.

I’ll do the above for half the price and double the time! Muahahahahaha. Nobody can compete with competitive pricing.

Great work bumping a dead thread that hasn’t been touched in three days just to post something stupid.