Looking to hire a good maper

I am looking to hire a GOOD maper, it would be an RP based evocity like map, wanting to move away from RP_EVOCITY_V33X. I will be paying whoever does the work. if you are interested please post some pics of maps you have worked on in the past that would be compareable to what i am looking for. thanks

10$ an hour sound good?

offers are based on work completed. not just asking for a price an hour. sry.

We can’t legally sell maps, so we charge per hour of labor.

I bid $8/hr spent working (in SDK)


If you would please also display in your opinion your best works, so i can see the experience. I was stating earlier that i wanted to see work that was completed rather than just have offers. x_x

What is a maper.

Most people here don’t fully release their recent-er works, and in MY opinion my most recent remake of hometown (2011) is some of my best / most fleshed out work, although I have many dev builds of even more recent projects involving a role-play mod for source.

hello my name is Kruma please pay me for nothing

Are we really going to stoop to the level of the modeling section ?

Some people would probably love to get paid for experimenting and working on projects in / with hammer; and I think that needs to be respected.

I don’t see the sense in bashing someone who wants some work done, especially not if he’s willing to pay for it. It sure beats the ones just asking you to map in exchange for their ideas. I’d say 8-10$ an hour is a reasonable price for hammer work.

Thing is, he isn’t accepting that, he is making his own price based on the map you give him, which means he can see it, like it, but tell you it isn’t exactly what he wanted and pay you less and scam you out of your work. This guy literally has no reputation. I understand that maybe people give legit offers, but this guy understands nothing of the community. The only posts he made are in here. Nobody knows him at all. Maybe he WILL pay for it, but this thread points to him not paying what the mapper asks for, and considering he literally joined for this thread only, why should he be trusted?

Also, something to point out. Literally every offer for a mapper on this section always involves evocity. Coincidence? I think not.


its someone who wears man dippers

If we could please keep this to serious offers and comments… thanks

I’m being serious, maps take hours to complete, and I need to be a paid minimum wage.

More like weeks

Ever non mapper knows that we can pull a map out of nothing in mere minutes.

OP, your map is ready:


If you draw all the plans and state exactly what you want, somebody might do it just for fun.

I will do it for one first born child a hour, Thanks.