Looking To Hire A LUA Coder

So I have a DarkRP server. We are popular but are in need of a LUA coder. Were not paying, so don’t ask about that. We are DarkRP on the map RP_Downtown_v4. The main things we need are buyable cars. new guns, and a few more things ;D

If your interested, contact me on steam, or email us.

STEAM: Waliahh
EMAIL: JDgmod@aol.com

Website: JDserver.weebly.com

Don’t give people false hope. Hiring means you pay them.

agreed, hiring means paying plus this is meant to be posted in the “Lua Script/Hire Recruitment Thread”:


It’s Lua , not LUA.

LOL. Have a nice day.

So what you’re saying is, you are hiring, but you won’t pay?

Where do I start?!