Looking to hire a mapper for our /semi/ serious RP community.

Our community is looking to hire a skilled and experienced mapper.
Payment is to be based on experience and portfolio.

WW2 Nazi occupied town theme.
Must have enough room for 100+ players.
A few specific buildings/areas that we will discuss.
Large open roads in case we decide to add cars at some point.
Preferably DoD:S content, but open to CS:S if it doesn’t effect the theme.

Please have skype or teamspeak to make conversing easier.

Thanks for your time.

I’d post that macro again, but I don’t want to be banned for another 3 days. Please be more detailed, and why do you need a new account with a title for this?

As soon as I get my PC fixed, I’d be glad to work for you. I have 3-4 years experience with source SDK.

So you basically want Evocity but in WWII theme

I dont know how much more detail you need.
Normally the other owner of my community makes the posts on facepunch, but I decided to take the initiative this time (And I was gifted this title)

In a way, I guess.

If you really want to get someone interested in this you need to give a ballpark estimate of how much your group is offering and a detailed as can be description so people here know what they are possibly looking at working on.

It seems the normal rate is around $50-60 for HLRP themed maps, so that is probably a good price to start at.
But as I said, we are open to other offers, if we think it is a good fit.

I’m not the authority on this, but I doubt you will get anyone that’s practiced or respected in this community to make a map with the specifications you want at that price.

$200-$300 is probably the bare minimum most people would start at, and for what you’re asking it’s probably going to be a lot more.

That said, who knows.

Once upon i time i was offered $400 to make one, but i ended up giving up because after working on something like that for 100 hours, it turns out to be $4 an hour and doesn’t seem to be worth it.

Lol 200-300? You guys are grade A scammers. This is why nobody hires you.

We’re not scammers at all. Mapping takes a lot of time and effort, and you should be prepared to pay for the mapper’s time. 200-300 is fair considering the amount of work the mapper will put into it. You’re not paying for a map, you’re paying for the mapper’s time.

That whole paid to map thing. If we were good enough to be paid some of us at least might have jobs doing it. Also consider most of the mappers here don’t make custom models/textures. There is also very little in the way of guarantees for a level/consistancy of service.

A mapper might charge per hour, then go round making each window on a building instead of building a piece then copy pasting it. They might purposely do things slowly/make mistakes or take extra time doing things.

Sure a mapper should have some compensation for their time but people here are mostly not professional and do it for fun, chances are some of them might have been planning on making a generic rp map and then think ah this guy offers money, I’ll do it!

I rarely see mappers to start mapping for servers.
Basically only exceptations for that are Gmodtower and some other bigger projects run by well known member.

Nonetheless, the maps I make for tower aren’t even comparable in size and time consumption to an rp map.

Scammers? I think you really need to look into what people get paid for these kind of things.

You mean how much people want to get paid. Maybe I missed something but the only person I know who got paid a significant amount for making an rp map was sgt sgt.

Kruma gets a fair amount from his work. Mainly because he really is a scammer.

How is kruma not banned already? He lurks around the lua section aswell.

because scamming isn’t against the rules on facepunch. it’s the same reason you won’t get a refund if you trade get scammed real money in the tf2 trading community, steam support don’t care because it’s done outside of steam. why should the moderators care if it’s done outside of the forums? it’s not breaking any rules

I think a guy got banned in the lua hire thread for scamming, it mighta also been due to his responses to the accusations.