Looking To Hire Animator

I’m looking for people to do things like animate some pokemon models from raw sun and moon files(I would provide) You would be hand animating some and just attaching the games animations to them for others and then making them into things like player models, pet models, prop models. My usual person is having issues coming on lately, so I am looking for additional help.
I am also looking for someone to do TF2 player models. The player models can be assigned to characters or animated. Either way If you can do any of these please contact me. Please be able to provide examples of things you have done previously! I have a almost 9k community these models will be for. You will be paid in keys or cash depending on what you prefer. You will have to provide work first before payment. I have a lot of rep,(the normal site I had for rep no longer exists but here is one https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198011711098) you can find my rep on other sites as well, including common sense that I would not risk my reputation because I own a community with servers. If anyone is interested please comment below/add me and we can discuss privately. I will need to see some work.

Here’s my steam in case you’d like to find me faster,make sure to comment why adding or I may think you are just spam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ramenoodles/