Looking to hire Model Animator (Freelancer) for mod project

Note this is request for an animated model. We offer compensation for amount of time and effort put into our project as a way to promote help off the forum.
Our post is no different than someone asking for help and not offering anything in exchange for their services. We do not ask any facepunch members for personal or payment information.

Project 5:
Private Mod Team is looking to hire a head Model Animator (Freelancer) for mod project; ongoing work available.

Job (Available now):
Animate player models into various movement and positions.
Example: Walking, dancing, working, ect.
Models will be provided.

Our budget per animation (starting out):
Around $30.00-$60.00 per animated model.
Bonus’ & raised rates available.

We pay you IN FULL, as payment owed before you give us any content!
We would like to offer what you feel is fair for your services, so please let us know your rate per project.

Our payment methods:
Paypal -Payment Owed, we pay fees. (Gift)
Western Union - Any currency, worldwide.
Money Gram - Any currency, worldwide.
Gift Cards - Amazon, Steam, Best Buy
Google Wallet
Steam Games

Remember, we pay you BEFORE you give us anything! We just need to see you’ve done it.

Our work:
We work 100% on the Source Engine.

Experience with 3DS:MAX or equivalent
Experience with Source Engine

Animating player models is more difficult than animating models so please have experience with this

For more information please add me on my steam account: project5000

My steam URL is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/project5

Random thread shitting?

What software is being used?

Thank you for your reply, 3DS:MAX or equivalent

How about Maya? That’s what I know the best.

If outcome will work on source maps, that’s all that matters.

Okay then, it’s definitely something to ponder for me. I have a few side projects already going.

Don’t ponder too hard, we are looking to fill position immediately and strictly work with that 1 person until they quit.

Bump - still looking

This is interesting. I have far from the skill required. What kind of modding are you guys planning to do?

I would like to attempt this. I should be in contact soon.

Far from the skill? As in you are far beyond qualified, or the skills are far from you? Not sure if you are saying you are a pro or can’t do it at all. We are modding on the source engine, non tf2/gmod.

Still looking, I have not really mentioned our budget does not reflect the final payment, we often are able to increase our budget for the right people.

I was supposed to add a “though” to the end of second sentence. I’m saying I can’t do it at all :stuck_out_tongue: