Looking to hire someone for some ragdoll posing

I need some ragdoll posing done.
I will pay between $10 and $25 depending on the quality of the poses.
Please add me on Steam:

That’s what I call easy money for the poser.

Yup. It needs to be good quality though.

For what?

That can be discussed over Steam.


And do it yourself.


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Establish your legitimacy first, outsider.

It’s not even that hard if you learned the basics, faggot.

Self rating.

** God Damn Self Rating. **
OP is a kid who wants rip someone off and steal their screenshots.
I can see into the fucking future.
and you have a bieber avatar, so I hate you already.
Leave and go play Black Ops like all the good children.

Default Justin Bieber avatar fits so well.

I’ll pose for you, i cost alot though. Probably more than your 5$ weekly allowance

Give me 50 dollars, no less.

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This one’s $80

and this one is my pride and joy, it’ll cost you $130 fresh from your father’s wallet.

I’ll buy those, $400?

Still interested, OP?

I think he’s legit.

hmmm Perhaps, what is it you want posed?

why does so many have that bieber avatar?