Looking to host a GMOD server

Hey guys. Title pretty much says it all.

I’ve hosted before and have played gmod a lot in the past but I feel like getting back into it. Looking to host my own server thst attracts players, which is probably my key issue. I’ve got a 100mbps upload pipe and a new ish quad core xeon to run it on so no issues there (also located in aus). If paying for a gamemode is required my budget would be $200 aud. I also have experience coding Lua years ago in gmod12 so setting things up won’t be an issue either, and i have an hour or two a day to work on it, but more on the weekend since i work full time.

Im pretty much just looking for the best gamemode to have some fun and have replayability without attracting all the wankers and kids from RP (COOL DUDES only). Also, what features i should add to enhance people’s connection to the server so i get regulars etc? (I won’t be taking donations or doing paid promotions and that sort of bullshit)

All in all, Just looking for some tips that could help me build a healthy community that isn’t just based around donations and hats, but has enough community building features and will retain population.

You should look around these forums more, there is literally 100s of other threads that ask these same things with answers.

I have. Im not looking to monetize, so most of it does not apply, Im looking for a way to build a community that is completely free for players and just focuses around a game mode which encourages regulars and replayability.

Also obviously looking for something recent, so your reply makes even less sense if Im trawling through old threads.

You should host a gamemode that you personally find fun and are willing to put a lot of time into playing (because most of the time you’ll be sitting on an empty server playing by yourself or with 1 or 2 people waiting for other people to join).

It sounds like you’re wanting to host a server just for the sake of hosting one, which isn’t a good way to go about it. If you don’t already have a gamemode in mind where the current servers dissatisfy you and you think you could do a better job, there’s not much point in hosting a new one.

When I started my server it was because I really liked a gamemode, but the servers that had it were filled with crap and took +5 minutes to load, so I made it fast and how I would like a server to be. It has been running and pays for itself each month since 2014.

Beginnings are hard and you will be alone on the server most of the time (choose a gamemode that you like), but once you start to get players that like and recognize your server on the list it will have plenty of users every afternoon.