Looking to join a project

I’m looking to join a roleplaying project, a community or a WIP gamemode, whatever it is. However, I’m not looking for someone JUST starting or thinking of starting. Whether it be a community or a project or something interesting that has to do with roleplaying, I’d be glad to join and help. Well, of course you are going to want to know the fields I am experienced in. I’m experienced in running servers, fixing alot of things and doing various tasks. I’m quite knowledgable in Lua and I’m quite a nice guy. I also like long walks on the beac- Oh wait, wrong forum for that. Anyway, you know who I am and what I’m here for, Post a reply on the thread if you’re interested.

I got a roleplaying community up and running in beta, it’s RLRP/HLRP combined, we got serious players and a mingefree enviroment, we got a few bugs to work out, and I am pretty busy aswell, so I could use someone dedicated to help out, so far we’ve been up and going for a while, and 90% of all critism recived has been endorsements.

There are three threads related to the community if you wish to know more:
http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=890627 < Specific Recruitment Thread.

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=892895 < New Advertisement Thread.

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=878893 < Old Advertisement Thread (Contains some feedbacks/replies.)

Lemme know if you’re interested.

Sure, I’ll check it out. What gamemode are you using and what do you need done

For now we got an edit of DarkRP (Yeah, yeah, lynch us…), on a passworded server, so we give members freedom, but yet keep minges away, there are a few bugs to work out, but most of the time it’s stable.

Right now we’re about to hit our out-of-beta stage, where the whole script will be revamped, adding new weapons, classes and features, including new weapons, items and realistic functions.

I hope that answers it.

Well, I’ll help you with Lua, what do you need done? Yes i’ll do it free

You said the same thing twice xD

Were? He probably just copy and pasted it from another statement of his, no need to retype when you can c&p xD

I bold’d it hehe.

He said " Adding new weapons, classes and features " then he said again " Including new weapons, items, and realistic functions " side by side xD

Ohhh, haha. Meh, who cares. Hah.

I’m glad you can help, add me on steam so we can discuss it, It will be nice to get another devoted participant.


And I got homework, the server, alot of stress and such, which is why I sometimes act repedative, due to the homework and the server, thus making me a tiny bit repedative…

…Yeah, I was being funny…

If you are still looking for someone to help I and a friend own a 50 slot server.

We already have a coder, just looking for someone to do some extra code.

If you want to know what we are capable of, add me - Luke230!

What gamemode, luke?

Hello I own, manage, and operate the Hostell RP Community.
We run a HL2 RP server and we are an already thriving community of over 280+ steam group members aswell as an active, involved, and regular player base.
We run Cakescript G2 and I would love your help. You sound like a very cool guy and Id like to welcome you.

You can contact me at (if you are interested in our community)
Steam account: Steamforme
Hostellrp.freeforums.org (Dont let freeforums.org fool you)

It would be great to have your help and contribute to us.
I’d love to be able to have your help and insight to reach my goals of a true RP server.

Let me add you

It said there was a problem adding steamforme

Whats your Steam Username Falls?

And here :wink:


Was down weekend for fixes, only got launched last week ;D

Oh it’s darkRP, you don’t need a Lua coder for that man xD

I know, well, we kinda do.

It’s a more customized DarkRP not basic, as I said, organisations, custom F1 menu, custom HUD(which is disabled) vehicle saving, multiple SNPCS(which only one is loaded) and a mayor assination system.

Oh I forgot also a custom premium :slight_smile:

Yeah, so mabye you’re interested now?

Eh. DarkRP really isn’t my style. I can help you with Lua though, what’s your steam account name, to add you.


Add friend—> Steam Account —> Steamforme :slight_smile:


Fixed the link on my avatar so you can click there