Looking to Join/Create a Clan!

I am looking for a team of Rust players to start a Rust Clan or just joining a clan.

Skype: tyler.kanz2

I also use Vent/TeamSpeak/Mumble

Please keep the negative comments out


Just started 3 days ago hope to see you on.

hey, what’s your steam name?

! [USEast][Phila.PA] LOVERust Oxide.Nudity.Noob.Starter.Insta

Fresh WIPE on 2/27

  • If sorted by server name, it is currently on page 5

.:. Automated AIRDROPS (every gameday morning)
.:. Remover Tool (get back what you don’t want)
.:. Check your /location through rustnuts.com
.:. OxideMod 1.17
.:. Easy door share! (/share β€œPlayer Name”)
.:. CheatPunch ON
.:. Nude censor OFF
.:. Noob Friendly ON
.:. Starter Kits ON /kit
.:. Instacraft ON
.:. Durability ON
.:. Economy OFF TEMPORARILY (Bug)
.:. PvP ON
.:. Sleepers ON
.:. ActiveNoAbuseAdmin ON
.:. Chat History /history
.:. In-game player list /list

Please no GRIEFING! Thanks!

/help for other commands
add me:
TROLLer Skating