Looking to join/make a machinima

I am looking for a novice machinima group, starter preferably or it doesn’t matter. I have never made a gmod machinima but am willing to be part of one, Voice actor or not. If anyone is looking for an actor, voice actor, editor or anything that might be needed in your group, please consider referring me, I could be useful in one of those talents.

This isn’t the place to ask to be a part of a group…


Facepunch has none, by the way

I need you to dance for daddy!

hot wire and flaming spade from what I know at the moment

Hmmmmmmmmm do you have any demos?

Voicesamples maybe?

steam addy?

It’s Kitteh24.

Not many people will even consider you unless you give something to show.

I think he wants to be a helping part with being an extra or helping make sets and stuff, not necessarily voice acting. But a sample for people is a plus if you wish to be a voice actor or editor or something.