Looking to make a l4d2 movie

Hey guys recently picked up garys mod in a steam sale, as i was told it would probably be the best tool to achieve what i have in mind.

Anyway i have recently stopped mapping for css, and decided i wanted to make a short(2-4min) movie based on l4d2. I hadnt seen this done before until i stumbled onto this youtube video. Now im not sure how exactly the author accomplished that, or what tools he used, but that is the sort of short movie/film im going for.

So i guess my question is, would garys mod be able to do something along those lines?(even if not to the same level as that movie) If not what would u guys suggest i use to do it with?

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That video you posted is the official trailer for the game. It’s the intro to the game when you launch it, same as L4D2. Which means the “author” is Valve.

Well I’m no expert but you could possibly make a video along the lines of that trailer by using Gmod and learning to animate models using a modelling program

But that’s a professional quality movie created by Valve themselves and it’s unlikely you could do something that looks that nice

They also use a modern build of Source Filmmaker combined with imported animation from Maya and high res textures using the now taken out mat_picmip -10 command.

Short answer: Red Bull and H.A.T. Addon

Ahh ok didnt know that was the game’s trailer, that explains why its so good. But i dont need it to be that good, i was just using that movie as an example of what i wanted to do.

So im still tossing up between doing this in gmod or just using the l4d2 authoring tools. What do you guys think?

Hmm dont know what any of that means OneFourth, could you please explain?

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First of all signing your posts is unnecessary

second of all, he’s naming addons you’ll need to do it

To make it look nearly as nice as the one in the trailer you’d need Source Filmmaker (a program unavailable to anyone who isn’t Valve) and very good modelling skills and since it seems you don’t have those he named simple addons that can approximate similar reults

Well i have intermediate modeling skills, but no animation skills in my modeling program(3ds max). And what exactly do i need modeling skills for to accomplish this?

And yeh i figured out they were addons after some research, though i cant figure out what the Redbull addon is.

Also are all the l4d2 animations available in gmod? Such as the smokers tongue shooting out and the boomer vomitting etc etc.


Try cinema4d or 3dsmax.
Simply import the models you need.

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also don’t sign your posts.

That video isn’t made in Left 4 dead or on the source engine, probably in a program like 3ds max or cinema4d.

And what is the Redbull addon? I still cant find it or a description of it anywhere.

Also are all the l4d2 animations available in gmod? Such as the smokers tongue shooting out and the boomer vomitting etc etc.

It’s not an addon you silly goose.


Nopey-dopey. Those animations were made in a newer version of Source and would likely make The Orange Box crash or gain lag because the old version doesn’t like animations from its successor, and no, the vomit from the Boomer and Smoke from the Smoker are particle effects (that Garry’s Mod doesn’t seem to have support for, yet. But one could try making a custom “particles_manifest.txt” and copy all the content written in the other games’s manifests into the single one)

Also, why in the hay would you sign your posts??! You’d only need to sign if you make a new message on a user on Wikia

WHAT? If you’d think they didn’t use the Source Engine to make that, why can they move around during the recording of the clip and how can they shoot without expert thirdperson? For example, the Tank ripping a chunk of rock from the wall is scripted as a special effect, the vomit that Bill picks up and rubs on Francis’s vest is also special animating.

Also, if they used Cinema4D or anything like that L4D wouldn’t have been on DirectX 9 or released in 2008. That would have been like, in 2014, when Valve had moved up to DirectX 11 (Not that they are going to leave DirectX 9 or even DX9Ex (DirectX 9 on DirectX 10 hardware)

If I remember correctly you can import animated models into Gmod and make movies with them

Really what you need to make free amateur home Garry’s Mod movies (classic example) is a game video recorder/screen recorder, video editor, audio editor (if you want to edit sounds), and everything included in Garry’s Mod (phys gun, etc). For Video/screen recorders I recommend either Fraps (great quality, limited capture time) or Wegame (lower quality, no limit to capture), for video editor use Windows Movie Maker if you have Windows (if you have a Mac, I don’t know what video editing software it has), and for audio editor use Audacity. You may find all the audio clips used in Left 4 Dead 2 in “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\sound” or wherever you have Steam Installed. (“C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\sound” if you don’t have Left 4 Dead 2).
You can either record while you “act” in Garry’s Mod or pose characters and take a picture, repeat (stop-motion) and edit it all in the video editor.

Other than that… Garry’s Mod can be used for playing a large variety of different mods like Zombie, Trouble in Terrorist Town, Sandbox, etc.

You sounds like a top notch machinima creator, windows movie maker and fraps, I would love to see more of your stuff :downs:

Oh come on, man. This is the bare bones of stuff you need for your videos. Pretty much everyone started out with this setup, you shouldn’t expect OP to go out and waste his money on editing programs or screen recorders if this is not what he wants to do (in the end). Like Christ, korpor4l was just trying to help. No need to go all sarcasm on him.

Ah and, you “may” want to ask MaxOfS2D for some resources he can get you right here. There’s Bonemerger, Actor Manager and… other stuff like actor teleporting, the rest requires a modelling program.

Sure you could make this in a heavily modified source version since source is good for videos games but horrible for cinematic style movies like that and I believe pretty much inpossible without modifiing it a lot.

It would be way easier for valve to just do it in something like 3dsmax.

Valve used Source Filmmaker to make those intros and cinematics, Sylerr. And the models are and were made in Maya, they used 3dsmax too, but that was when they were still doing Half Life 1 and CS 1.6 in GoldSrc.

What would people expect otherwise? Playing video games IN 3dsmax?

Yeh i dont think i will be doing this in gmod anymore. The phys gun is extremely crap(ie hard to pose) and half the time i end up stuffing up my pose and then cant revert to the original which absolutely sucks. Also you cant pose fingers and the animation using the HAT tool looks extremely un-natural.

All in all an inadequate program for what i wish to achieve.