Looking to make a server using Nutscript

Hey, I was wondering if someone can help me with this? The only tutorial I can find on youtube is out-dated, and the wiki for nutscript gives me a 404 Error.
As far as I know (from hosting other gamemodes) I would create a new folder called “Nutscript” in my garry’s mod gamemodes directory on my server and drag all the stuff from github into there and add the line “+gamemode Nutscript” into my cfg? Is this correct? I am looking to use the Dissolution schema so I am un-sure if it still works or not, but how would I go about adding this?
Any help appreciated. Sorry if this was a stupid question.


Thanks, I have it running Dissolution schema.
I am having a problem with getting guns in, the schema comes with M9K in the business tab, but when i try to give myself an M9K weapon from the moderator menu, it says invalid weapon class. Normal HL2 weapons work. How do i fix this?

I haven’t tried it, but double check m9k files are actually there (gamemodes/whatever/entities/weapons, addons/whatever/lua/entities/weapons, lua/entities/weapons all work)… invalid weapon class would mean it’s trying to give a file that isn’t there, so either the weapons aren’t there or there’s a typo when giving.