Looking to make new gamemode

I am looking to make a new game mode for garrys mod that I know would become very popular.

I have a server that will support a server for this role-play mode with over 60 players. I know this because I have a steady sandbox server that I have had with 60 players and heavy entity loads.

I kinda want to keep the role-play mode a secret as of right now but would like to take in a few devs that would be interested in working with my self to help create the game mode.
The game mode will be based around crime, and cant be trolled or minged upon. Players will have to work their way up in popularity with other players on the server to achieve victory and fame.
Similar to gangwarsRP but this will be designed much better, play better, and become MUCH more popular !

A few bits of lua code will be required to make it the way we want.
I have everything planned out as of now and I am ready to lead a good team in making this game mode.

If interested and patient add me to steam.
dddiablo is my steam user name. Looking for a few mature devs that are looking to become popular :smiley:

I have a Website and Server ready to be dedicated to this gamemode.

Server specs are -
i7 3.2ghz
16gig 1888 9-9-9-24
revodrive solidstate raid 0 stage 2
1gb/s up and down

Another ideas guy? You seem nice, but no one is going to do it for free. Your best option is to hire someone, or learn a bit of Lua and try it yourself.

Thank you for your kindness Shadow. But I am looking for some one to start with the project and stay with the project.

I will be the main project leader but I am looking for a few people to help where my knowledge isn’t the best in Lua. I know a tad bit of lua now but its not in excess.

I admit that you seem like a nice guy and you’re not bragging or anything, so that is a very good start, but the harsh reality is that unless you can come up with maps or do some work yourself, nobody will do it unless you have the money.

Alright. Thank you for your honesty.

In hopes of a few members of the community seeing this post. I wont edit or modify the original content of my first post unless it directly effects the outcome of my goal for this new game mode.

I understand everyone desire to be paid for any effort put forth. But if there is some one out that wishes to donate their time freely to this project or maybe in the future, donations from the project once it is complete - Please come forward.

there’s no such thing as a gamemode that can’t be “trolled” or minged

people will find a way, especially when it revolves around crime. and don’t expect it to garner as much popularity as you think, you’re being a little too ambitious

As the other people said, you aren’t going to find anyone for free, unless the gamemode is really groundbreaking. Go to the LUA Scripters Hire Thread and post an opening for a coder. That’s your best bet.

I’d love to help mapping and such, but I can’t code a single shit. So, just saying…?

No, I am interested is someone that can do mapping that would free up a bit of time for me. How much mapping experience do you have?

Have you made any popular maps for L4D,CSS,HL2DM ?

I am looking for a mapper that has been around as far as worldcraft, Fairly experienced and capable. I am also willing to help you map as long as you understand the important basics.

Can we see some of your maps as an example of how well you can do?

Well I atleast have over 400 hours of SourceSDK ‘experience’. This is the only work I really spent much time on, all other things were looking nice but I quit because I thought it was too time consuming at that time, but I don’t really had a goal. So if you want me to map, I have a goal to reach.

Anyways, this is the only really thing I’m proud of, spent quite some time on it.

Amazing detail.

I really do like it, I have added you on friends. We shall talk there.

Trust me, gamemodes are the easiest thing in Lua. Good place to start.