Looking to raise a little more money so I can buy a PVE server for us!

Hello Rust fans! I am willing to put in some cash for a Rust PVE server. I know many people want one but don’t have 150$ to buy one. So what I was thinking is I have a little bit of money on my 1 of my 2 Paypal accounts(a little over 50$) and if some of you can donate to my public one we can come up with the money to buy a PVE server! The information to donate some money is down below.

Paypal to donate to: brett.waltz29@yahoo.com

If you Donate please tell me you have in the comments below and tell me the amount. If we reach our goal of 150$ I will let everyone know and buy the server ASAP.
Fans of PVP I know you call us PVE fans Carebears and don’t think we should be on the game. Please just remember its how we like to play it and it doesn’t effect you, so go back to doing what you enjoy and PVP. We just want to build, gather and loot in peace.

If the devs put up a PVE server before we reach our goal of 150(which we have 50 now) post in the forums your PayPal email and I will send you back your money. Thanks for your time!

Pretty sure its 150 per month, not total.

where exactly are these servers being hosted?

I dont use paypal, so at least I sent what I had on it $1.
PM me if ya need more or other help, good luck bro, good initiative.

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150 per month sounds right and not 150 total

You are right, but in a month they should have some official PVE servers. I just don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks and not play Rust. I will Also edit the thread to keep the donating going for another month and another if they don’t have one by then.

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Thanks Rogue! 1$ from everyone that want PVE should be enough to get it!

So basically, you are begging for money, so you can put up your own server.

A server for the community. Many more people want PVE.

Guess they dont let us host it ourselves if we already rent a server box? If that’s possible ill host a server.

And also can anyone actually change any of the options in the game, graphics/sound, that fun stuff? Let’s me play with the values but nothing saves and there is no apply button…

Edit: Nevermind about the self hosted servers, I found the website where you can rent them, that’s kinda insane considering some of us are already paying 300+$ a month for webservers and dedi’s…

I believe Garry said that self hosting will be available but my guess is not for a long time.

US Central by PlayRust.EU seems to going down every half hour to hour… Is it getting DDOS’ed?

This is not the place for that. Try looking through the forums for the servers thread.

I don’t think soliciting money is allowed Brett, just warning you. While I am all for what you are trying to do, I don’t believe you should do it on the FP forums (people might think it is a scam too, best you show some proof of where the money is going, can’t help you there, but it will be your best bet.)

True, on the other hand if a group was serious it would be something I would take part in and sponsor some to it.

Why would we give some random dude money on the internet? I don’t even know you.

I am 100% serious on this. I can not really show much proof, just ask you trust me into getting something we all want. I am also not asking for a big amount from any one person. If everyone who wants PVE gives 2-5$(which isnt too much) we could get a PVE server going.

A reputable member(s) should be putting up a server for people, if it’s really wanted that bad.

The way you come off in your posts is idiotic, and I would not trust my money with you.

Stop begging for money. The only outcome is going to be people telling you in a nice way that you are retarded, like seen above.

There will be a PvE [MCM] server up tomorrow, if you guys can wait that long.

If that is your feel on it ok. Since you have 501 posts, then why don’t you come with a post. I would be happy to give a few dollars. Also it is people like you I see on the PVP servers. Mean and rude, always attacking anyone.

150 a month? WTF!

You can get a dedicated box that can run probably multiple rust servers for that amount and still have TS/Forums/website running in it.

Talk about overpriced.