Looking to recruit some coders for a upcomming community.

Greetings, I know what you’re thinking “Great, another clueless new guy who wants us to work for him…”, but not exactly. Truth is, I know some Lua myself, just not the very advanced things. So it would be nice to get some help from someone more experienced.

What are we looking to do?
Simple: We’re going to run a roleplaying community, the theme will be piracy, the 1600’s kind.

That sounds difficult, are you an idiot or something?
As a matter of fact, no, I got it all planned. We can use content/props from PVK, and some from TF2 aswell. Maybe even DoD, point is, reasources does exsist.

Aha, so you need scripters to make everything while you bitch about how it isn’t good enough?
No, far from, like I said, I will do most of it myself, but I could use help with certain entities. Like
npcs and an inventory system, along with buyable ships (Preferably PSW-styled ones.).

And what’s in it for us?
Well, we can’t offer much, but I’m sure that if we do a good job and the community is apealing, there will be alot of people interested, so we can hand you ingame things, like gold and things like

Will the place be full of idiots and minges who makes us regret ever joining?
Of course not, we know alot of ways to screen those out without even having to be an admin.

So what we’re looking at here is another rich kid community runned by some uptight weasel-looking fella who thinks everyone is replaceable and has a no tolerance on anything that he dosn’t agree on?
As a matter of fact, no, I am not a big fan of those myself.

Will you have some idiotic donation system to get admins?
Not at all, there will be no special permissions buyable.

And what do you already have?
Well, we got a skinner, basic scripter, a big server, and alot of devotion from all of them.

What’s your final goal?
We just want a fun enviroment for people to roleplay in, we don’t really want to be the biggest or the best, we just want it to be fun for people.

Roleplaying is usually boring and stuff, what will you do to fix that?
We will try to combine the roleplaying with the harshness and riskyness that was back on those days, let’s say someone finds a treasure, in order to open it, they have to take it back to a port safley and get it’s contents, during that time, there might just be people who tries to take it from you.

Will you ask us to do stupid impossible stuff?
No, I am quite aware of the limits, so I won’t do that.

That should be about it, if you are interested, feel free to PM me.

It sounds like you’re a reasonable person with a reasonable proposition, but I would recommend two things if you want a sure chance of getting some help:

  1. Money - a big incentive. Most coders (well, me at least) probably wouldn’t construct an entire gamemode just for a few in-game perks. I wouldn’t rule out donations - that’s how you fund getting more content and keeping up the servers. You don’t have to make everyone admins; look at how Sass did it.
  2. A plan - all you’ve told us is you want a pirate roleplay. It helps to know what we’re getting into if you can give us a specific plan of what needs done, including things like general layout, specific features, HUD design, etc., and it also makes you seem more like what you’re doing.

Hope you get the help you’re looking for.

Actually, we got a gamemode, we just need a few enteties/snpcs with certain functions.

And it’s still being planned, so far we only got the basics on the plan, like what contents, gameplay, things like that. We don’t really want to go out with it yet untill we can confirm that we got people to help us.

And thanks for the advice, it’s appriciated.

Sounds fun, I’d like to help but I’m a little preoccupied at the moment.

If I get done with my project and you guys are still needing help I’d love to code for you guys :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear, then we got one thing less on our agenda, we are still assembling things, so it’s not a hurry if you’re busy.

If you do find the time, we will greatly appriciate it.