Looking to start a Base Wars server

Hello! so I’m looking to start a base wars server and I figure this would be a good spot to ask in… so sorry if it’s not. But basically I am looking for some people who may be interested in getting a mode setup in anyway you want… I will supply a server with full access to it. Not sure what else to add but yeah… looking for some cool people who want to get together and make something awesome! :slight_smile:

I posted this here because there is a bunch of lua required when it comes to making or building up a mode so I figured its probably the best place to ask?.

If nobody is interested but know where I could get a hold of a base wars mode that works with the latest gmod I’d appreciate that, it gives me something to start with and work on when i can, it would be much appreciated.

I’m not really looking to pay somebody to make something for me, I want to be apart of a something with guys who want to do this and make it better.

Ill leave my steam here incase somebody wants to contact me, Thanks.


Thats funny because I’m currently working on a basewars gamemode now.

I enjoy playing the game mode and would like to team up with some guy/s and try to make a good mod full of ideas and fresh stuff… Servers I had played seem to really lack management/content.

So I have been thinking to get a server up and running but I’m not the best with lua :slight_smile: So that is what’s holding me up when it comes to the mod. So if you want to talk more Feel free to add me on steam.

If I can even join up with a team or people (as said) and be of some assistance I would be more than happy to help with what I can.

Add me up on steam man, search for “|CYAN| Team Cyan|” thats my user, I gotta go for today though.

I added you, Check your friend invites.