Looking to start a clan to take over this server

So I play on this server very low pop, I think the highest its been is 28. There are a grup of around 8 ppl who I assume have played on it since it opened. They have a massive city, pretty much inpenetrable alone. Im looking to start a clan to take them down, and control the server and make more people want to play on it.

What fun is a low pop server lol

use C4

i used 64 c-4 its that fortified. i barely made a dent. It was growing but they smashed ppls bases as they started to play. So i want to end them so ppl want to play on the server and it grows

Or play on a server that already has a playerbase

Unless its an official server I don’t rate your chances of being the ‘top’ clan on it.

Chances are madmin are abusing their rights if they have a city and 60+ C4 didn’t do dent it.