Looking to start a clan

i have 2 guys already who would wanna join. Idk what name we wanna use yet. we already have a nice base and a lot of gear. We ARE older than 15 and im 17 so yeah, no 10 year olds.

I might be interested. Pm me info or post it here on the forum if you would like.


I am definitely interested. Its been a while I am playing and still can’t play it without getting killed hundred times a day.

Let know know if you use skype or team speak.


I use skype, Add me username: newtrickshoting

pls can i join pls pls pls me new

Added. Let me know what time (also timezone) you usually come online.

might be a good idea to tell ppl what server you are on…

joined and left the clan … waste of time if you ask me.

server u play on ?

I would join if you guys are organized and use skype

Ill join if you guys use TS or Skype

I’m interested. Pm me to talk more about it and I am willing to talk more on Team Speak.

sounds awesome. playing solo is pretty rough, especially when some 20+ member clan spots your building and trolls you on voip and blows your ass up with satchels lol. Pm me if youre still looking for members

Hey all,

I’m Apex from Eden Grounds Gaming. Currently we’re an established clan and very well off. You all are welcome to join us :slight_smile: We’re a good bunch of people that want to have a good time. We’ll be getting a Rust server of our own soon as well.

If you’re slightly interested or just want to see what we’re about, check out our website: www.edengrounds.org


How about xXxd00msn1p3rsofd3@thxXx??

it’s pretty cool and stuff

Seems legit.
I’m so glad that you are over that mystical 15 range but under 18.