Looking to start a community.

Basically I want to start a new community with extraordinary values.

This is not a hire thread, just a decent person looking to make a decent community.
I know my chances of finding someone to dedicate time and effort to making something are slim.
But I have my hopes up.

Lately I’ve been playing alot of RolePlay gamemodes and none of them seem to amuse me. (No offence)
So I am looking for a developer that wants to start a new community with me and grow with it.
I plan on starting with a roleplay server, but expanding into other gamemodes as it grows.

You may ask what I bring to the table if the developer is doing the work?
Well I provide the hardware that is much needed to run a stable community.
This is a dedicated server that is being payed for monthly.


The server is all setup. Currently Running Windows 2008 Server Edition.
Applications currently installed are: SteamCMD, FileZilla Server, Tortoise SVN and Xampp.
Anyone interested in joining and helping will receive atleast 50% of all donations. No scams or tricks.

Thanks for reading, if any further questions add me on steam.My steam profile

P.S.: Please don’t hate on a man trying to do his own thing by giving other people a chance to shine bright. <3
Note: I hope this is the right section as I am discussing about developing a community for Garrysmod.

That’s kinda stretching it.

If you really want to make a good community, just learn lua. It’s not that hard, and you can probably be decent at modding whatever gamemode you choose to use after a couple of weeks of dedicated learning and experimenting. Hiring/asking someone to volenteer isn’t going to get you exactly what you want in my opinion.

Also, nice stats on that server.

See, I was attempting to lua code myself. But my idea of an ideal community is to have a good dedicated developer and another person to solely manage community related issues. That way the stress is divided among two people, the server and the community. But both are essential to a stable community.

And thanks :wink:

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Found someone, thanks for the time people.
And remember, Criticism is essential as reference for solutions.