Looking to start a new clan! Recruiting experienced rust players!

Hey guys, I’m looking to start up a new group to play rust with. I really don’t care how old you are, as long as you can act mature. I’m looking for players who can play rust strategically, not people just to burn resources on. Probably want about 5-10 people, so if your interested, post your steam name here. No name is decided yet for the clan, that will be a group brainstorm decision once people start signing up. Teamspeak will be our main source of communication.
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Also, there is no activity requirement, as long as your willing to contribute to the group whenever you can get online. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Hey! I’m not sure if this would piss you off, and I don’t mean to piss you off in any way and I don’t mean to advertise in any way but if you would like to join a active fun clan instead of creating one, please look at my latest post about my clan NWO… If you are interested in joining please add me on Skype: SpartanCrafter0 (and/or) Steam: NSK Spartan (or) ViejaPutiada - I hope to hear a reply from you soon! :slight_smile:

Asinine, if you wouldn’t mind contacting me over Steam about your group that would be awesome!

Steam ID: MrMackeyMKayyy

My issue with these clans is that most of your members aren’t experienced or strategic in playing. I’m trying to get together some good gamers who can play the game to win. This does’t mean we wont have fun :wink:

Most of the people in our Clan are indeed experienced… Have you been in our clan? How would you know?

Almost all of these mass recruiting clans have a few people that dont know what their doing, and those are the people i hate to play with. Those people who will take your gear that you spent 20 minutes getting and die with it, and do it again and again until your out of loot.

Well that isn’t us… We actually like to take the time to see they’re hours on Rust and they’re gameplay…