Looking To start a Purge Server

Hey I’m going to startup a GMod Purge Server and was just seeing how many people are actually interested in one. If no one really enjoys/wants one I am fully open to ideas of other gamemodes as all I really want is to get a community that just plays games and has fun. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

After seeing some videos of it… yeah, make one.

Cool, thanks for the input man, just looking to do something fun and interesting.

You should actually make a proper gamemode instead of putting a timer on darkrp. Not only will it be more original than the other server I’d go ahead and say it’d be more popular too.

Here’s a tip!

I’ll look into making the gamemode, Why do you think I shouldn’t make one AnonTakesOver?

Facepunch isn’t the place to ask this. The Purge seems to have become extremely popular on Gmod, so if put effort in, you probably get some good traffic if you ride along the hype train

Most users here are going to say no though, because everyone here is sick of DarkRP edits and we want to encourage people to make their original gamemodes.

If you’re going to do this, give it a unique spin or something

Thanks for the input. really appreciate it.

Isn’t this purge horseshit just a timer at the top of the screen plus darkrp?

And then the whole bullshit ddos shitty stuff

I enjoy The Purge a lot. don’t know about everyone else but I think it is something different and cool

How is darkrp “different”? Because it has some pasted timer on the screen?

Wait I didn’t even realize it was a DarkRP edit, nor popular… so if you can make a gamemode that’s decent without using any code from DarkRP then it’s good, otherwise, lolno.