Looking to start group

Steam ID: brady345845 (if this doesn’t work just leave a post on here)

I live on the east coast of the US looking to start fresh with a group of people so I don’t just get murdered endlessly, would preferably like to start on a newish server so we could build up without those giant compounds that have 6 guys with full kev in them. I will join any server though, just want to find a group of people I have raid call but can download others if needed.

just leave questions, info/ add me below.

Hey brady345845. I could not find you on steam easily, but we have a rust group on nwoclan.org - which we kind of just started. If you wanna join us please apply there or add me on steam or Skype at wapigeon.

We have players of all ages from Asia, Australia and US.

wapigeon on steam is sky rim pic btw :smiley:
wapigeon on Skype is initials Alec W.