Looks like a good game

Looks like a great game with a very interesting concept, but I just gotta wait until it is available to public to play but that’s ok, I’m interested to see how this game would work though… But it might as well be updated and polished in a closed environment for a better game in the long run happy to wait for it, unlike other people… :wink::quagmire:
If anyone that has access to the game reads this thread what do you think if the game so far? I’m just curious about the game :dance:

Good concept is a 7/10 for pulling it off, would be 10/10 if not for the bumrush of hackers and noobs that joined when it went open for a small time

What else do you expect these days? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if you can rate the concept just yet since there’s a good chunk of it we haven’t gotten around to implementing :v:

Max, what’s your role in development?

What’s that good chunk you’re planning to implement?

Yeah , I understand that, it’s only early in the development stage :downs:

with this being a game in its Alpha phase, I’d say that’s the only kind of people you can find

Everybody knows, it’s modelling. Duh :v: