"Looks like Billy found the WWII exibit in the museum..."

Run Billy, run!


Ewww, it came out low quality.

Good luck billy, BECAUSE THE MUSUEMS DON’T SUPPLY AMMO… And the guns are more then likely disabled… So, hes pretty much fucked.

He doesn’t know that…

whats next? Jeff found a nuke?

lol good picture

That’s an odd place for a museum, right in the middle of Cs_Assault

Obviously he found it before he came to cs_assault.



you need to stop tripping on logistics

I mean, look at how happy he looks

that’s the point of the picture

Did I mention he got nationals in track during high school?

Nice models.

You can thank Wystan for them.


random zombies with poor posing

on another note while typing this i looked at my had and noticed a white smear and for a moment, thought it was semen.

then i realized it was marshmallow

Pulls out a Hiroshima Bomb ** HI I’M BARRY SCOTT, HERE TO BRING YOU NEW CILIT ** Mushroom Cloud appears.