"Looks like I'm stuck for the night."

I made another one. Yaaaay.

About the picture: Thank god for Thumpers, right? (Yes, another HL2 song.)


Took some tips from you guys. (You’ll probably think this one is crap too.) :smiley:

Yes, I do think it’s a crap, because I cannot see the picture.

Well crap. Lemme fix that. Should be good now.

dat bloom

Picture is good but the colour saturation seems a bit overdone. That might just be a style thing, but… well, that’s my opinion. Apart from that, the posing, lighting, tone and such are well done. Keep up the good work!

In some cases it’s really hard to tell what I’m supposed to focus on. The glow in the front is fairly massive.

“Hi there, my name is bloom. Oh, you wanted to see? TOO DAMN BAD.”
Next time, less of that. At first glance it’s hard to focus, like Wraithcat said. The contrast is too… weird, I guess is the word? It just feels off. Looks a little rushed on the editing, but I’m sure it wasn’t.

Yeah, I probably should have posted this in the “Don’t want to make a thread” thread, eh?

Is he clutching his chest because he’s wounded or is he having a heart attack because oldbag?

Just curious. Either way the arm looks a little funny. I can’t really blame you for it though, it actually looks a bit like the model was being stupid and wouldn’t go in any further. (I have the same problems nearly all the time.)

Yeah, it’s the model’s fault. Wouldn’t go in any further. But, he’s slightly wounded, but he’s mostly holding it because he’s out of breath from running because he an oldbag.