"Looks like they werent as immune as they thought" A Survivor shambling through the corridors of an abandoned Airport

Decided to spend some time on this one. C&C would be appreciated!

Kinda nulls out the name “Survivor”

Imma stick with what I said on deviantart.
Impressive, but the right bicep looks thick to me.

Blood is too transparent and the arm looks like it’s coated with dirt.
The background is cool.

Still hot.

Good work.

The zombies behind the fence on the right look like they’re having a conversation, though.

Not bad, but the blood coming off the arm looks kinda strange to me.

Haha, yeah I see it now.


best part is background

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fixed it with content aware fill


Zoey’s shading looks pretty flat, and the editing on her stump is weird.

What is this?


I have an issue with the blood on her shirt, as well, but I think it’s too nitpicky.

…I’d still hit it.

Good work here, though the right arm is pretty thick.