Looks like this skeleton couldn't make it to Megaton" Poetic Merchant finding a skeleton

Skeletons seldom manage anything unless employed by some dungeon game creators.

The blur is excessive. Like the choice of weapon though. Not the all in one plasma mega awesome anti-matter rail gun thingy.
Pose looks good.

Go easy on the contrast, especially when you’re using a very dark model in a picture with bright elements.

“Looks like this criminal scum has rotten.”

The posing looks pretty good.

too much contrast and picture a little bland
but it is post apocalypse so i cant really complain

If I was anyone whom come by this corps, I’d be stealing his Pipboy for sell or atleast use it.
But since it decomposed, looks like not even a person care for the thing.

“Why don’t you fall down and bleed to!-… nvm”

You can see the dead guy’s human hand.