Looney Tunes Character Models!

I’d really like to see some good ol’ fashion Looney Tunes models for Garrysmod. There are a couple of games you could grab characters from (The best probably being ACME ARSENAL, which is a Wii, Xbox 360 and PS2 title). There is also the Back in Action title. I’ve already seen a Lola Bunny around somewhere, but think of the fun comics and stuff that could be made!

I support. There has been a Bugs Bunny ragdoll, but its inaccurate. A more accurate model is in order.

I’ve seen a Lola Bunny ragdoll that was released some time ago by OogaBoogaMan, I’m sure if you look around on the GMOD Toybox or even the .org site you might find a model or two.

Sounds like a good idea, but we need a certain game to port the models.

what about this?

No, not PS1 games, I was thinking about the Gamecube and Wii games.

!Xuddan already gave good examples of some, Acme Arsenal definitely being the best choice as previously stated. They’re not GREAT models, but they’re the best compared to other Looney Tunes games.

I’d be happy if Marvin the Martian was high on the porting priority list, as he’s my fave Tune.

The problem with that is that some characters (Witch Hazel being the most prominent one) are only available in 3D from this game.