Loop G.CreateSound with any audio file?

I’m starting to think making a timer with the sound duration isn’t really a good idea… :v:
So yeah title says it all, how to?

You need to make the sound loopable using external program. Audacity won’t do. I suggest using Wavosaur.

Let’s say a completely random coder told me there’s a way to loop the sound without making it externally loopable, but won’t tell me how. Any ideas? (It’s not a metaphor for “I want to know how to do it like this without knowing if it’s possible”)

The only way is using a timer. IE playing the sound as soon as it ends. This is no solution.

Well I would make it externally loopable but it’s an HL2 sound (music), any other solutions than timer?

No. You can extract the sound by the way.

Eh would need people to download it, I’m using that one mainly to not make people download stuff. Guess I’m screwed then.