Loop sound with sound.PlayFile

Hi everyone,
I tried to play clientside loop sound in local with the function sound.PlayFile() but my sound stop after ~1s play when I use EnableLooping(true). Is this function only working with no looping sounds ? I can’t use surface.PlaySound because I need the function IGModAudioChannel:GetTime().
My code:

sound.PlayFile("sound/ambient/alarms/alarm_citizen_loop1.wav", "noblock", function(station, errorId, errorName)
	if IsValid(station) then

Thanks for your help

Got the same problem here, the sound stops quickly after started playing.

Try using a timer with the exact length of the sound, heres an example in a function

function LoopSound( sound, repetitions )
  timer.Create( "SoundLoopTimer", SoundDuration( sound ), repetitions, function()
    sound.PlayFile( sound, "mono", function( station ) 
      if IsValid( station ) then

run it by doing LoopSound( Your Sound Path Here, Times to reapeat( 0 for loop ) )
This should work unable to test it at the moment.
Ive never touched EnableLooping so i couldn’t tell you if you were using it right or wrong or if it was broken.

This happens because the sound you’re trying to use does not have sound cues, I believe: https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Creating_Looping_Sounds

Both ways should work, mine being the less efficient way and his being the correct route.