Looping Sounds

So I know how to loop sounds, but I’m really bad at it, and my sounds do loop, but they cut off, and then loop again. This isn’t a problem with certain loops, but loops like constant wind and repeating songs that repeat without stopping… That’s really hard for me to do. So anyway, is there anyone who knows how to do this correctly? If there is, could you help me with this?

If you’re trying to have background ambience, like looping wind, try making a soundscape for them.

Are you using the Goldwave cue point methods?

I did make a soundscape, that’s not the problem. For some reason it’s cutting off and then starting the sound over again instead of a constant loop. I’m using Wavesaur, I haven’t tried Goldwave yet.


I got it working. I was just doing something really stupid. Thanks for the help, though.