Loose cannon Ellis negotiates with Terroist Nick and his hostage

Didn’t come out quite the way I imagined it, but I like the end result. C&C welcome.


It looks like they’re both in on it

Totally awesome, needs better borders tho.

I really like how ellis looks , but you kinda failed the lighting on nick.

Reminds of The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3. Nice work.

Nick’s teeth makes me think he a vampire. Holy canines I mean really




I want the vest for Ellis.

Like I said, not bad ;F

Borthers need to be a little more whiteish colour so they dont blend with the pictures.
Everything else is nice, the poster also looks nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Is ellis holding an I-Pod classic? looks like it


Looks like a scene from 24.
good work.