Loosing connection to server once in server.

So I recently had to restore my entire computer due to windows crashing.
I downloaded all the common things first such as Anti Virus, Steam, Skype, Etc…

Downloaded Garrysmod, CSS, HL2, HL2 EP1 EP2, GTAIV, Minecraft, etc…
Fully works, ran every game at least once to have the games configure to the game.

But as you all know, I play in HZ PERP, so I had to download some content before hand.
Addons Folder:
LWCRS (Car pack SVN)
TDM Cars (Car pack SVN)
SgtSickness Models/Vehicles (SVN)
RealityRoleplay Content (Server large content pack)

I wouldn’t believe its the content or addons, because I tried joinning an DarkRP server recently had the same problem.

My problem is, 90% OF THE TIME - I would loose connection to server after sending client info (I get the Lag Spike disconnect)
10% time it works and lets me in server. It normally helps if I shut all programs like Teamspeak3/Skype/Internet browser to get in server. And other way is cleaning my LUA cache folder before opening garrysmod. (50% of time.)
But I never had this problem before. Even before I restored this computer.

I got recently a new provider for internet (After windows recovery) which is Comcast Xfinity (Pro, 25Mbps Download; 5Mbps Upload)
So I got some pretty hipped up internet.

Help would be nice and suggestions.