Loosing our path

With the recent talk over what should replace zombies i feel we are loosing our way.
Honestly if the core game is improved we dont need a big bad npc, let me explain.
1.) The environment is improved with different weather areas, like hot baron areas full of dirt and sand, lush green areas with lots of wildlife and vegetation, and cold snowy areas were footprints are left in the snow and fire melts ice.
2.) A functioning water cycle, were the sun evaporates water from the sea, which rises, cools then condenses to rain which falls into rivers on the mountains, which flow down into a few lakes which eventually overflow into many tributaries leading back to the sea.
3.) More Wildlife with better AI. We need birds, fish, insects , reptiles and more predators like lions and tigers. It would be awesome if the animals acted similar to their real life counterparts i.e wolves would hunt deer in packs, and occasionally make a trip to water for a drink, birds hunt fish and insects ect ect i.e a functioning in game food-chain
4) More variety of vegetation. Berry bushs,corn , wheat , sea weed so many possibilities.

So what do u think guys, if we have all this surly were are fine without the zombies?

Yeah, only if Unity3D was capable of any of this. They need to switch engines before anything like this could ever happen.

I may be new here but I think you’re asking a lot with this one. Water is just about to start going up and down a bit. :slight_smile:

I forgot geology, the mining is currently very basic and has massive room for expansion.

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How about just having rivers and lakes then with fish and rafts, forget about having actuall live flowing water.

I would just be happy with standing water, rain, craftable boats and so on.

I don’t think this game (or any game) needs to be a perfect simulation of reality. It just needs to have some realism.

too much realy can ruin the fun part of the GAME

I’d love to see some kind of water cycle happening, and also different weather types i.e in the far far (at the moment wasteland) northern regions show would be likely and all across the map it can rain, and if you are not sheltered by trees, rocks or a roof you will get colder. Different areas sound cool, and the ecosystem sounds great but I don’t think it can be implemented pretty soon.

But we do need AI, to spice things up a little


So because it’s an alpha people aren’t allowed to give their opinions or ideas? That makes sense…I thought that was part of the reason forums existed.

Developers can layer engines on-top of each other to achieve goals that their initial engine(s) were not specialized in. Very common in the game industry, especially amongst Indie developers.

Hey I have an idea, let’s all make new threads, misspell simple words, and suggest a crap ton of absolutely cannot be done in the next 5 years of development.

You’re most likely 16, or have absolutely no understanding of what can realistically be done in a video game.

That water cycle suggestion is a huge development headache, pointless, and HUGE memory sink for something no one will really notice.

The rest of your suggestions can easily take a back seat to further develop the core gameplay experience.

This isn’t a survive in the wild sim. Rust doesn’t need rain or snow or rivers flowing back to the sea nor more animals that make annoying noises and follow you arround for ages.

Sure, change Rust into a climate simulation. Maybe they can solve global warming… :v:

I was all for adding more badass npc’s untill i thought about it some more. It seems like a cop out, it will add a month or 2 more fun to the game, then we will be back were we are now.
What makes rust brilliant is adapting to the environment and using it to your advantage so why not work on improving the environment .
Different weather in different area’s can certainly be done in modern games, snow for example in relic’s company of hero’s 2 is excellently done with troops leaving footprints, fire melting snow and ice and tanks blasting each other through the ice. Hot baron areas would be easy enough to do without any major engine modification and the lush vegetation areas are allready well done, provided grass is on.
Ill fall back on the functioning water cycle, i admit it seems like hard work, but at least give us some rivers and lakes, the ability to swim and some basic boats/rafts.
More wildlife with better A.I could certainly be done , at the moment animal AI is very basic.
More variety of vegetation and rocks could also be easily implemented.

So i say before we rush off into fantasy land, take a deep breath , and remember why u originally loved rust so much.

“I hope Senpai will notice my leather pants today ~”

I agree that the environment should be given top priority, but I don’t think it needs to be an outright simulator. Setting each animal group to a faction and giving them more “active” AI, added weather cycles for lighting and visibility, and a better implementation of nighttime darkness (one that isn’t broken by increasing GPU gamma, if it’s even possible) would be enough for me. Lakes and rivers would be nice too, although I don’t miss them too much right now.

The food chain illusion is easy to create without actually making a functional food chain. Right now, creatures and resources have good spawn logic as a baseline. That plus active faction-ised AI will create a strong illusion of an actual food chain working in the background, when really it’s just Wolf 23 and Bear 40 re-spawning in the same general area each time they die fighting over Deer 11. Win-win for players and developers, as long as it doesn’t make resource-farming impossible without an M4 to fight off the animals.

If it it too risky to hunt boar because of the wolves then eat bugs caveman

Just for the record i have 605 hours on rust.