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Hey guys, (damn, theres the -nky missing in my name D; )

Server got wiped today ( 22.03.2014 ), its still new and after some provider issues we are back!
Server uses Oxide, plugins so far: Door sharing, ping, oxmin, airdropinbound, ownage remover, chat history, fps tool and some more to come prob.
I wrote my own loot table which still needs some little tweaks but is running already really fine, papers for example is removed as there is no use for it atm.
Stuff like M4, Bolt Action, C4, Explosives is rare to keep up the motivation. :slight_smile:
I turned the durability thing off as it was just taking time and most of my mates didnt like it too.
PVP is on as it would be pretty much boring without, but I dont like pointless kos’ing though, we want to keep it fun for everyone…so shooting people is alright but keep it to a certain extent if you guys know what I mean.
I think its cooler to hook up with some people, build your base and then start to fight each other. Raids are allowed too, but if it gets more raping ( like raiding the same guy 5 times a day might have consequences depending on the situation) that’s not cool.
Planning on implementing some arenas for gungame and stuff too. :slight_smile:
Well yeah as its said in the title its german and english, but more english though, but both is no problem, me and the staff are speaking / writing pretty much fluent.
I’m taking good care of the server and everyone on it, so please, have a look, we are a friendly, mature and still funny bunch.

ADDED: groups, custom airdrops, TDM arena, no decay

We started to grow slowly, as we are seriously trying to build up a little community, give us a try and tell your friends! We would appreciate that!

Enough said, join us!


Enjoy your stay and have fun,
cheers pals.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. You can use your first thread that i left unlocked when you get unbanned." - postal))


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