Loot Catapult shooting high in the air

I noticed a bug when looting boxes in Radtowns or airdrops. If taking the last item, the box shoots high in the air and there is a chance that the looter flys up too. Died 2 times this way and hope it will be fixed soon.

I was once being chased by a loot box inside the radhouse, it flew after me for a while.
Should be called a haunted house now me thinks.

that sounds awesome. got a video?:wink:

I can confirm, but not yet been killed by these “flying” crates.
They go up fast up in the air, swirls around and after a while it despawns.

Sadly, i don’t have a video. I noticed that this bug only happens when taking the last item out of the box. I saw it happen to someone else, he just shot up in the air and landed 10 seconds later, getting killed on the impact. This would be fun on a server without falling damage, but with damage it is not so funny.
I heard that its possible to avoid falling damage when logging off in the air, so i could avoid getting killed by that i guess?

yeah, you can alt-f4 while in the air. i have some pretty impressive screenshot from outerspace, where i am sleeping and seeing the whole map. then when you wake up you fall again…

the UI for disconnecting is still broken, it require a lot of hit and miss to get to the "disconnect button " (only connect or cancel available when you hit escpape). so alt-F4 is the most effective way to logout immediately. i landed my fall from outerspace by disconnecting 4 times while landing. each time it reset the fall speed. i think i still died, but at least i stopped falling at a heigh where my friend could see me and loot my body.

Yeah confirmed. Died to this once, now I tend to stand a way back when accessing crates. about 1 time in 5 the new physics that is applied when they are empty and you tab out makes them fly off at high speed instead of sinking into the ground, they bounce of some walls sometimes, occasionally fly straight up in the air. Don’t be clipping one when this happens x)

funny! yesterday i saw an airdrop going down behind a mountain. 1 minute later i saw an object shooting up in the sky. now i know what it was… :wink:

I’ve seen a barrel do the same thing. Made me laugh. Maybe it’s the killer log piles reincarnated as jet propelled loots.

now when im naked in radtown, i get near it, hoping for a free trip to outer space :smiley:

Here you go: happened to me today :slight_smile:

ROFL, its like the crate is trolling you;)

“here, have some guns and ammo” throws in air “PSYCHE!!!”

Just throw something in the create of no use (or one bullet if possible) before you are done. The drop will still be on the ground when you leave it. Also this will make the drop a lure for others, so you can run away and gain some distance without showing others that it is taken and go after you.

One way to get around this bug for now.

I’m glad I read this because it happened to me yesterday.

It happened with an airdrop container to a friend I play with 2 days ago, and happened to me about an hour ago in a rad town. It’s hilarious. But it’s a pain too. I had just picked up a salvaged axe from the crate. Been chopping with only a stone hatchet all for 4 days now. D’OH!

I always leave one piece of junk in the airdrop before I run away. I will look back and some naked gets launched along with the drop because he took that burned piece of wolf meat I left in there.


Yeah, after being launched once, I always leave 1 low / zero value item in the box as well. Have also seen a naked run up to it after I leave and get launched. It’s hilarious!

Fixed on dev branch** // Didn’t notice that someone said that above me.**