Loot crates and places like big rad etc in reboot?

Is the reboot going to have points of interest/conflict like factory, tanks etc where theres loot spawns and which act as a point on the map basically?

The wolf monuments are a test of the landmark generation system. At the moment, because they’re not fully procedural, caves are also placed as landmarks just to get them on the map.

This landmark system can be anything. Radtowns, ruined settlements, a wrecked satellite dish, a ruined industrial site, abandoned lighthouses, anything.

You could also try reading the devblogs or using the search, as this isn’t the first or even second time a thread’s been made for this question after the info was already published on the official site.

I had seen those, it was more whether there were going to be loot crates there or if the idea of recurring item spawns had been taken out of the reboot.

There are actually “care packages” at the wolf monuments at the moment. Like elix said, it’s just a placeholder until they crate models are done and the landmarks are finalized.