Loot Guide

Hopefully this is a helpful guide for yous

In short:

Loot the all day in Big Rad.
Often you enter it as naked man and leave it as rad suit guy with a few military weapons, ammo, rad pills and more.
Once you got a full rad you can loot there the all day. When you got the last box, the first respawns (depends on your loot speed).

At least that’s what I do.
Works fine.

Why lie? You don’t even have time to play the game you stalk forums all fucking day… It’s a good guide and you should stop being an ass and hijacking / flaming people’s threads.

Keep your dumb shit for you.

I’m just sharing my experience like he did.
I never said anything about his guide.
Not sure what’s your problem.

I have never seen you post ONE not even ONE compliment on anything anyone has posted.

Wyvrias is a silly billy. do not mind him.

Yeah he tends to almost always come of in a negative way in my personal experience.

ITT: Wyvyrias posts his personal looting strategy in a looting guide thread and people lose their shit and accuse him of thread hijacking.

Holy shit, so much anger and yet, you also failed to compliment the OP. Anyway, nice video OP.

A little OT, but people who loot the towns then put junk like 1 cloth or chicken back into the crates so they don’t respawn, stop it…

I use one arrow after my last run through

Really this video was based off my personal experience and if others have different experiences its good to know so you can put it into your own experience to see if it helps

So does anyone find it helpful?

You missed half the loot boxes in small rad town, just FYI

Small rad town has 12 loot boxes total. 4 in the garage, 4 in the house, 4 on the garage house with 2 being inside 2 being on the roof


What are you talking about he didn’t even go on the upper level of the building on the north side? of town?

Pretty sure there are 14 loot boxes in split-rad. 4 in the garage, 4 in the 2 story garage, 1 in the shack with the conex box, and 5 in the house. Before leaving the house, go through the doorway on the left. There’s usually a loot box tucked back in there. :wink:

Thanks for the hads up guys