Loot-Runners. Replacement for zombies.

So I was just reading up on how they are removing zombies.
What will we get loot from besides towns?
Here is my possible solution!

See in theory the road is dangerous. Players will traverse it.
So normally you want to avoid them if you can where there are many players on.
Since there will not be zombies, how about caravans or NPC loot runners?

Might be like trading to testificates in minecraft. “I have 50 gunpowder. I want 60 of your logs” or something based upon your inventory.
Or if you dont want to trade you can kill them. That can attract more players / maybe even trigger that new heli.

Probably a stupid idea but tell me what you think / what you would put in place of zombies :slight_smile:

Caravans are a little too “modern”, so-to-speak for Rust and as an NPC it’s much too susceptible. Likewise, it wouldn’t be worth sitting there defenseless in the middle of the road, as you’ve already given the fact that the path is dangerous.