Loot stashes (they decay way too fast)

These items are EXTREMELY overlooked. They are one of the most helpful and creative objects in the game and nobody seems to care about them.

the problem is, they have to be swapped daily in order to keep them from decaying on you and destroying the valuables inside. The first time i set up some hidden loot stashes in my base, i went to check on them and they were all gone not 2 days later. (Destroying my c4 stacks)

My request to the devs is to make these items decay MUCH slower than any other object since they are so small and shouldn’t cause a performance problem even if hundreds are around the server.

Yeah, I feel that they should decay slower or at very least when fully decayed drop the loot inside, giving you at least a small chance to salvage it.

Put some leather in your tool belt and run round repair them before they decay, problem solved.

Good tip, but i’m talking more of a long term fix, its a really cool item i feel is under the radar

are we talking about wooden crates here? if so how long till they decay?

Nah slightly, we’re talking about those little bags that hold 3 items that you can hide in small spaces

What items exactly decay? everything? walls, storage boxes, metal doors?

How do I prevent this, I don’t want to log in one day and find most of my house has disappeared

He is talking about the small loot sacks. They decay quickly and all items inside them along with it.

I know, but I was asking a question. You don’t need to rate everything I say dumb

I don’t rate everything you say dumb, just that. Because it was kinda dumb. It isn’t related to the topic, we are talking about the loot stashes.

you can rate what i say dumb if it makes you feel better friend