Loot tier items for solo players

(OFF: I always thought that radtowns could serve something more than “buying” loot for some of your hp points running in for some seconds, that it would be more of a large adventurous fighting area PVP and PVE. You dont really like siege and shooting in the forest 99% of the time, do you?)

People here start to think that the game is becoming a bit like some kind of levelling up farming type of game more in advantage to groups.

In my opinion, a “loot tier” item pack could be a partial solution. It would contain countless items, most of em would be pre-apocalypse version of like everything ingame:
an excellent katana, easy to use hightech crossbow, professionally made safe-wall, bulletproof vest, hightech bow, professional woodcutters axe, IRL funs.

All of these stuff could be found only and only in loot. There would be lot of them so you would be likely to find few of them during a game of long days. They would not be the kind of stuff you can just all get stalking with a group of 20, these are items most likely noone has around your neighbourhood. Solo players would have some good stuff in this way, and would be enough to build some pre-apocalyptic strength small shelter. It would not be enough for more though keeping them in line.

This way solo players can get some stuff on pair with the small armies of servers while still having realistical cons compared to groups. And instead of pointless as solo farming, you get to have a fun little stalker-experience and PVP in the radtown which supposed to be a bit less lethal by radiation itself.

Why make ship as pirate when the empires just burn it on the coast?